Doc’s Dinner

Going to dinner tonight with Doc and others. Should be fun. Look for me there!


A very enjoyable gathering with Doc and friends tonight. I really enjoyed meeting Halley Suitt, and we had a great talk about her alpha-male articles. I suggested an alternate blogging world where we’d write about Little Rascals and “Alphalfa Male.” So, this is for you, Halley:

Alphalfa: “Gee spanky, I’m not sure about this Alphafa Male stuff.”
Spanky: “But what about your promise to the He-man woman-hater’s club?”
Alphalpha: “I’m sorry, Spanky, I have live my own life.”
Buckwheat: “OTAY!”

Other fun and interesting bloggers and journalist types were there, including, but not limited to:

  1. Cameron Barnett of Camworld, wearing a “Camworld” shirt. Cam may have the distinction of being the first person fired because he had a weblog.
  2. Dean Landsman, Doc’s old radio buddy who suggested the Katz’s venue, who it turns out I know from business in 1997 or so when I was at Netcast. Turns out he’s from very close to where I live, so we’re going to get together.
  3. Andrius Kulikauskas of MinicuSodas, who gets the “farthest travelled” award, having come from Lithuania.
  4. Paul Boutin and his wife. I had nice chats with both of them. Paul was a client of my team at Microsoft when he was at Wired, back in 97-98 or so. He’s doing a lot of freelance for places like Salon, and recently had some famous time for tracking down the “blogger of Baghdad”, Salam Pax.
  5. Mark Stahlman, Silicon Alley stalwart, came in with Renee Edelman of PR21. Great to see them.
  6. Jon Guttenberg, who I didn’t have enough of a chance to catch up with. Sorry, Jon. Lunch soon.
  7. Tomas’ ??(sorry!), who’s off to the GEL conference tomorrow. Wish I could be there.
  8. Kevin Werbach and I spent a few minutes today comparing our “my kid did this” stories.
  9. Dan Gillmor was there. I didn’t get to talk to him much, but I enjoy his columns.
  10. Anil Dash, who just joined Moveable Type, sat next to me.

Updated again: Pictures!