Years back, I used to kid about a “craptop” – a laptop to use on the potty. Gotta hand it to Microsoft on this one for implementation. The two questions that come to mind: 1. Does it auto-clean the keyboard after every use? 2. Why would you ever get up?

From the outside, the iLoo is little different from other portable toilets. But inside, Microsoft serves up accoutrements that might rival some iLoo users’ home PC setups. A Windows XP-powered computer resides under the sink with connection to 6-channel surround audio. A flat-screen plasma display swivels out from the side of the cabin, and a waterproof wireless keyboard can be placed on the lap for comfort.
The iLoo is equipped with 802.11b wireless networking for providing broadband Internet access. The toilet uses vacuum suction to dispose of waste.

From MSN NewsMSN UK tests potty surfing