Dean is back

From Dean Landsman’s weblog: DeanLand.WebLogs.Com : Give Us Today Our Daily Blog This blogging business is really quite odd. The more often I write, the fewer page views it seems I get. The less often I post something new, the more traffic, page views, and response it seems the blog inspires. Dean and I had […]

Direct TV has a perception problem

According to this web site, DIRECTV Privacy Sucks. DIRECTV will give out their customer’s account number to anybody who calls their 800-number (1-800-DIRECTV) and asks. The site lists all sorts of nasty things you could do, like cancelling your neighbor’s DirectTV, etc. He doesn’t advocate it. He is just making a point- they don’t require […]

How cool is this

Looking for some downloadable music, I went to visit Emusic. And guess who I found on the rock and pop page? Bari Koral totally rocks! I’m so psyched for you, girl! Great description to go with the front-page placement!

a New Blogging Tool

   I’ve discovered w.bloggar, a new blogging tool that’s a Windows client. I’ve yet to strech it’s limits – this is my first post. I’ll let you know how I like it. It has an interesting feature: it takes what’s playing in the WM Player 9 and shows it in the post at the end. Or […]


Well, a project that I’m working on with Mitch Ratcliffe is revealed early – Mitch writes it up well…. …citizen reporters and commentators should be recording our history based on their direct experience (whether it is about their own participation in events or using their experience to comment on current events). There is such […]