Twitter Updates for 2008-06-29

hate waking up to find my flight is delayed, but they ask me to be at airport anyway. they want 3 hours of my day. Thanks, Continental. # @jenmyronuk @missrogue thanks so much for the 80’s music wake up. # waiting out some of my flight delay at CitizenM. it is going to be a […]

Finally heading home

IMG_1503 Originally uploaded by HowardGr After almost 4 hours of dealing with Continental yesterday, and a flight delay of 3 hours today I’ll be leaving to go to the airport (across the street) shortly for a few hours of passport control hospitality and 8 hours in a seat. I’m just looking forward to seeing the […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-06-28

canceled flight in Amsterdam. anyone want to meet up tonight for a casual dinner? D me, or text me . stuck in airport for 2 hrs more… # @bomega wow that’s terrible! hope all are ok! # back at CitizenM – thanks to those guys for getting us back in for another comfortable night! # […]