Twitter Updates for 2008-03-19

  • at NY auto show. GM vice chair and blogger Bon Lutz just went by #
  • here for volt nation meetup. #
  • gm: the volt nation group event "unprecedented" access for enthusiasts #
  • GM working on the Volt-more we work on this the more questions we have, the more this will change the way cars are built #
  • GL looking for dialog at all levels including customers. #
  • GM "this is not a research program.this is a production team. #
  • gm Dont look at sticker price, look at cost per vehicle mile. #
  • Volt will be 0-60 in 9 seconds #
  • @rycaut they are looking at cost per electric mile #
  • GM no answer yet on how many Volta #
  • no word on how many will be produced initiallybut looking at integrity of car and interest #
  • GM Volt – Bob Lutz on stage, everyone drinking coolaid andhaving fun #
  • questions on battery choices #
  • Lutz showing secret battery pics #
  • IMG_9347: #
  • IMG_9346: #
  • IMG_9345: #
  • IMG_9379: #
  • IMG_9380: #
  • at the @jasoncalacanis dinner with @caroliiine @heathrow and others.
    sorry re twitter spam re all my photos- how do you turn off twittergram #
  • @missmotamouth thanks #
  • help,jane, stop this crazy thing, help…jane…. #

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UN meets Web 2.0 conferece

I’m getting excited about the UN meets Web 2.0 event in NYC next week, where I’m moderating the panel on Social Networks.

In researching the panelists, I found this video about Marnie Webb, Co-CEO of Tech Soup, and what her organization does.