Day: March 6, 2008

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    @pistachio – Hey, can’t chat, won’t let me type in the box. # time for some exercise between calls. Hoping the weather widget’s "35" really means 40 or so, or I may be cold walking. # Nice walk. Feeling good. Back to work! # Powered by Twitter Tools.

  • The sound of my distraction today

    The sound of my distraction today Originally uploaded by HowardGr If you call me today and hear banging and i’m distracted, it’s because the outside portion of the home office is being…um..updated. They’re kicking up the cobblestones. But I’m not feeling groovy. On the bright side, newly paved streets are just a few weeks away,…

  • Definition of Social Software

    While on a call today with a group, John Smith suggested a definition of Social Software that I love. John said: “Social software is software that is no fun to experiment with by yourself.” That to me is perfect! Who wants to join Facebook, but have no friends? What good is photo sharing if you…