David Berkowitz gives Facebook Ads the Smackdown

It’s funny – I saw the ad that David describes in my profile, and thought “hmmm – I wonder if David knows about it.” Seems Jeremiah sent him a screen shot, and the rest, as they say, is agony.

Inside the Marketers Studio – David Berkowitz’s Marketing Blog: Facebook Social Ads Need an Opt-Out

I never told Blockbuster that it could use me to endorse its ads. I’m not a user of Blockbuster Total Access. In fact, as I write this, I’m home sick, I don’t have any good Netflix movies here, and there’s nothing but garbage on pay-per-view On-Demand or HBO On-Demand, so I even looked up Blockbuster to see if there’s one near my apartment, and the closest is ten blocks away (others that were closer have shut down since I last checked). If anything, I’m a little pissy with Blockbuster right now, so I’m surely not going to provide a testimonial for their ad campaign.

Yes, this is another Beacon-like event. Apparently, if you’re a “fan” of something, you may end up endorsing them in an ad. To me, being a fan is not the same thing as agreeing to have your name and likeness used to market to friends, which is most of David’s point. The comments are also great, with CK weighing in like a champ. Very good reading to keep up with social network advertising, and where people’s pain points are regarding how their data and profile is used.

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