Twitter Updates for 2007-11-30

  • @Indyhall thanks for having me over today. You guys rock. #
  • @rycaut: Your twitters coming through garbled #
  • @drewolanoff: Don’t fear the reaper… bang a gong, get it on… Mississippi Queen… #
  • going out for exercise. Brrr. #
  • @innonate: I know someone who bricked an ipod touch. proceed with caution #
  • @dough – Evil Knievel dead? I used to have the rocket jump toy and the motor cycle! #

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Web 2.0 for Business panel

I spoke yesterday on a panel at the Eastern Technology Council at Penn State Great Valley.
My host and the panel moderator was Thomas Kozzolikno of Liquid Hub, and the panelists include Anthony Gold of Unisys, Liza Potts of Electronic Ink, Matt Baldwin of BEA, Sean Vandermark of Microsoft, and Derrich Beauchamp of Vignette.
You can read more via my blog at Confabb: Social Media – News Hub