Spot DJ



So you always wanted to be a radio DJ? (I did. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been one, and still do a little annoucing now and then.) I just met the Spot Dj guys at the Web 2point2 event, and I’m excited.

Spot DJ is a plugin to iTunes that plays YOUR music, and mixes in ‘spots’ or small audio clips from people who know about the music and whose small clips add value to your experience. You know, like radio used to do, in the old days when DJs knew the bands they played and were able to play what they thought you’d like.

Additionally, if you know something about the bands you love and the songs you listen to, you can cut your own spots. People vote on the value of the spots so stupidity and self-promotion are voted out of the rotation.

I can’t wait to play with this.

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