Month: November 2005

  • Great Dinner tonight

    Thanks to everyone who came. I’m sure if I try to type everyone I’ll miss someone. More posts as people blog or put up pictures. Special thanks to Gary Bolles for organizing! UPDATE: Thanks for the pictures, Renee and JD and Mary Hodder (easiest to find by tag howardinsf.

  • Jet Bl..og

    Sitting at JFK Jet Blue. Delay to the West Coast due to weather, of course. Our incoming is delayed, so…we wait. Hope to see all my faithful readers on Saturday night in SF. Send email if you don’t have the evite or don’t know one of the people coming. Love to see you there. Of…

  • See me live in SF 11/12

    Hey, come to dinner with us. Drop me an email if you’ll be in town.

  • NY New Tech meetup

    At the NY New Tech Meetup. Great crowd here at Seth Goldstein’s Root Market offices. (thanks for the free wifi, open for guests). Seth is talking about which seems worth looking into. Take your data and save it, so you can ‘control’ what you do in all your clickstreams. RootMarkets is a financial markets…