Random Thoughts

Great Dinner tonight

Thanks to everyone who came. I’m sure if I try to type everyone I’ll miss someone. More posts as people blog or put up pictures. Special thanks to Gary Bolles for organizing!

UPDATE: Thanks for the pictures, Renee and JD and Mary Hodder (easiest to find by tag howardinsf.

Random Thoughts

Jet Bl..og

Sitting at JFK Jet Blue. Delay to the West Coast due to weather, of course. Our incoming is delayed, so…we wait.
Hope to see all my faithful readers on Saturday night in SF. Send email if you don’t have the evite or don’t know one of the people coming. Love to see you there.
Of course, I’m enjoying my Jet Blue experience, including this nice if slow WiFi. Lots of people on, it looks like Pip‘s Starbucks model is in full effect.

Random Thoughts

See me live in SF 11/12

Hey, come to dinner with us. Drop me an email if you’ll be in town.

Random Thoughts

NY New Tech meetup

At the NY New Tech Meetup. Great crowd here at Seth Goldstein’s Root Market offices. (thanks for the free wifi, open for guests).
Seth is talking about which seems worth looking into. Take your data and save it, so you can ‘control’ what you do in all your clickstreams.
RootMarkets is a financial markets style market for leads.
Private Consumer vaults.
Launching attention extension tonight.

They are helping people pay attention to what they pay attention to. They record it, they abide by principles of attention trust. They journal what you’re doing so you can get a bigger picture of what you’re doing.

Demo shows a history of your clicks, almost like spyware – seth calls it “My ware”. See what you’re paying attention to. THey also have a meta-search that shows where your stuff fits in the ‘big picture’

Next: Socialight – location based messaging tools. Messages can be from one person to another or one person to world. Right user gets right message at right time. Designed for mobile devices.
About sharing experiences based on locations. Location based messages designed to be shared – StickShadows ™.

Trip Connect – social networks for family and friends to share advice about travel destinations.
Lets you enter where you’ve been to, lets you review, lets you share with friends.
Trip Connect for groups – sharing travel advice for a group like ‘meetup’ or similar idea.

Audible Air- wireless app for audible. Over Air content delivery – sans PC, blue tooth avail for TREO 650. Download audio straight into the phone. In few months, purchase component. Pocket PC, Windows Smart Phone, Symbian 60, Public at the end of this week for beta.

The – Job search site for 100k+ jobs. Nice search tools.
– scheduling tool – for event creation – different from Evite – evite is hub spoke model – this is negotiating small meetings /lunch/group with few people. Currently in Alpha – you have to be invited to an event. SMS and 3G interfaces to do replies/notifications.

Avi – semantic URL theory – find the new harry potter book by
Idea to ‘hack the 404 page’ to analyze the query and figure out what the user wanted.
There would be no broken links – because no location change – because you’re using a semantic link not a fixed URL. On cell phones links are difficult, but semantic url would help you find what you’re looking for in one or few links.

Salim from PubSub – Open source project with Marc Canter – plug ins for all blogging platforms – Drupal, MT, WP, etc. Structured types for blog posts, you also syndicate the XML, when you publish to your blog in HTML.
So, with web2.0, layering services , this makes your blog content machine readable, so it is more easily find-able by machines. Schemas are largely worked out (HRXML, EventML, Ebay offers to sell), – you now own your own data, but your content is syndicated, and services can be layered on it.