Month: April 2005

  • Random Real-time Encounter

    Walking down the street, ran into Jeff Jarvis. Quick catchup, but nothing earth shattering. Let’s face it – I’m just name dropping :-). More from MeshForum next week.

  • P-sach Y’all

    Yo, my heebe homeboys. Check out the ShaBot 6000, rapping about the 10 plagues, yo. Peace out.

  • Coaching- The mangement philosophy for the knowledge worker’s workplace

    In a conversation today, I was asked about my thoughts about what will move Coaching as an industry into more general acceptance. My thought went like this: If we look at the history of management through the ages, oversimplified, much of what is today’s management structure came from the military structure of the Roman Empire.…

  • Come to MeshForum

    I’m blogging today to invite all my friends and connections to MeshForum in Chicago May 1-3, 2005. MeshForum isn’t the typical conference. It’s the kind of conference I like to run, and the kind I love to be involved in. MeshForum is a conference on Networks. The group founded MeshForum because we want to bring…

  • Vertigo Sucks

    Did you ever notice that when you tell people you’re going on a plane ride, and that you hate to fly, they’ll immediately tell you their bumpiest, most air-sickness-bag-invoking moment? I find that when I tell people I have been experiencing Vertigo, everyone knows someone who has experienced it, and it never goes away, it…