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ActiveWords SE

Such a bargain! I use this a lot…

ActiveWords SE In Lockergnome Windows Fanatic and IT Professional Newsletters, we notified readers of a free license for ActiveWords SE. It’s for the regular version not ActiveWords Plus. Gnomies, of course, are welcome to try the 60 day trial of ActiveWords Plus and get a 20% discount. (Meryl) [via Lockergnome’s Technology News]

Random Thoughts


Halley writes:

Electable Is it even a word? I hear it everywhere I go from every undecided Democrat I meet.
“We’ll go with whoever’s the most electable.”
Isn’t time to stop holding back, and by stepping up to it, MAKE one of these guys electable? [via
Halley’s Comment]

Yes. The primary season seems to be more about how the Democrats can fritter away any possible advantage over the incumbent administration, and less about coming to a common position, or opinion about anything.

But, I could be wrong. I just read the papers.