Twitter Updates for 2008-04-26

  • good night @podcampnyc . See you in the morning! #
  • Steventcolbert thanks for following me. Love the show. #
  • @podcampnyc -we’re heading towards you now. #
  • @podcampnyc what can u learn from radio, tv etc to inform social media? Convergence session rh615 11am #
  • @technosailor NYC loves you too…now go back to Baltimore. 😉 #
  • @podcampnyc we’re almost ready to rock and roll in room RH615 – come learn what old media can teach you about new media! #
  • Come learn with @Deanland and me, RH615 at @podcampnyc #
  • @pistachio says "Don’t be afraid to *uck up" using twitter. Great advice. #
  • @anniemal don’t press the red button! #
  • @anniemal – enjoy the Cherry Blossoms! #
  • @chrisbrogan qotd "Internet fame is the most ridiculous thing. I can’t go somewhere stand up and say "do you know me?" They’d throw me out." #
  • @roxannedarling showing a video of her underwater on @podcampnyc #
  • a video from session at Podcampnyc with @pistachio, @chrisbrogan @roxannedarling #
  • @jeffl hey Jeff! #
  • @daveman692 have a safe trip #
  • @heathr you’re thinking of "flip camera" #
  • @podcampnyc real time speed mentoring RH207 – come learn and meet people who can help you #
  • @podcampnyc learning the Pirates Dilemma in the Auditorium #
  • @sbraiden good to see you on Twitter! #

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