Twitter Updates for 2007-12-21

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latest post on the Confabb blog

I’ve posted today on the dangers of Spock,  over at my Confabb blog.


Frozen Peas

From Chris Brogan’s Blog, cut and copied due to not having time:

Social Media Isn’t Just Chatter

Starting Friday, December 21st, the Frozen Pea Fund will be raising money for breast cancer research in Susan’s name. And it’s a message that’s being spread by Robert Scoble, Shel Israel, Jon Swanson, and Connie Reece, to name just a few.

People like Laura Fitton and Kosso have set up a group Twitter feed, and C.C. Chapman set up TwitterPeas. Overall, it’s a huge effort by lots of people to raise awareness of the campaign.

And this is to support a friend lots of us haven’t even met in person. Yet.

UPDATE: I’m in: