Jack – off!

Let’s face it. You know you listened. And, occasionally, you heard a song you hadn’t heard in a long time.
But what was the difference between JackFM and WPLJ+ your iPod?
Dean Landsman smartly pointed out in June of 2005 that radio formats like this are tried every decade:

Ten years ago it was the Buzz format.  Before that there was one consultant selling it as “the eclectic format.”  It mixes rock music from the past three decades, reaching back a little more for some songs.  Mind you, this definition of rock is very wide: it includes Beastie Boys, Steely Dan, Tom Waits, James Brown, Queen, The Bangles, Lenny Kravitz, REM, and, of course Brooooooooce (as he’s known in the NY area).

This format always starts with a wide playlist, usually narrows that down over time.

So, now, the news from Crain’s that WCBS will return to a variant of “Oldies” at 1:01pm on Thursday isn’t so surprising.

I didn’t mind Jack’s emphasis on Music instead of DJs, but the snarky Jack announcer was getting a bit old.