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Friday, March 21, 2003

Thanks, Jason Kottke, for saying what I was thinking all damn day:

Note to anchors and reporters: stop smiling

The TV coverage by the cable news networks of the war in Iraq is disappointingly shoddy. Somehow, they think we want to see green, pixelated pictures of trucks moving through an empty desert; endless grainy shots of Baghdad at night; choppy, pixelated live reports from embedded reporters; and the neverending analysis of the minutia of warfare. This is supposed to give us a sense as to what's happening and what to make of it all?

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Even More Friday Fun:

Odd Todd is back. And he's still working...on being unemployed.
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Greg Elin explores the highs and the lows.

Hey Greg, I'm sorry and congratulations. That's terrible and wonderful. I'm saddened that things are going so badly in the world and so happy that things go well for you.

Goodbye and hello again.  Peace.

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Ignore this.

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