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  Friday, November 08, 2002

Really enjoyed catching up with the New York "New Media" community at the NYNMA Tech Showcase yesterday. Spent time with innumerable folks, from Katherine Pendill and Jon Guttenberg at breakfast and through the conferences, to 'old guard" NYNMA folks Eric Goldberg, Mike Wheeler, Connie Connors, Mark Stahlman (here ranting about the lack of New Media on the internet, from 1994!), and Debbie Newman. Saw former LC39'ers Jim Butterworth and Kristen Brown, along with Pepper Evans.

Stephen Forte and I chatted.NET with my old Microsoft colleauge Larry Gregory and met up with Rachel Masters of Starvest. On the way out, saw Don Sussis and Ellen Auwarter, then took my aching feet out of the exhibit hall.

Luckily, I got an amazingly traffic-free ride home from Peter Bernstein, and we talked telecom, Broadband, Universal Service, Digital Rights Management (or lack thereof), Digital Identity, and of course, high school marching band. And then this one time, at band camp...

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