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  Friday, October 18, 2002

Moxie seems a little down today. Cheer up girl!

2:30:04 PM  comment []    

Reading PopTech, the Blog, inspired me to try to watch PopTech, the webcast. However, the webcast is being directed/produced by someone who is shooting for video, and not for the web. Lots of camera movments, pans and zoom ins on speakers. This is great for video, but it is killing the 30KB webcast. Rule for slow-link webcasts - Make hard cuts, don't pan, keep the camera focused on long-shots and don't move it too much. I'd love to see more, but it all looks like a funky mosaic of stuff.

Update: The movement doesn't matter - the cast, even at 30k, is really choppy and difficult to watch.

I would have paid $25 to have a higher speed feed that was more 'guaranteed'. Maybe next year, if I don't just go...

12:07:28 PM  comment []    

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